SSH Protocol

Secure Shell - SSH

SSH is a communication protocol secured by data encryption. It fully secures the connection between your PC and your website.
Using SSH, you can access your website and manage it remotely, as though it were plugged in to your computer. You can also manage files without any need for additional software such as FTP.

Get a secure connection to your website

The SFTP protocol linked to SSH enables file transfers by encrypting the data transmitted. This way, you can secure your file transfers with the knowledge that your data will remain completely confidential.

Edit your files in real time...

Connect to your web hosting server in real time! You can edit files directly as if you were using a text editor, and see immediate results.

...copy, move, delete and search for files...

Like FTP, with SSH you can copy, move, create, delete, and edit several files simultaneously. With a simple function, you can immediately find the template file you want. your scripts

Launch, build and test your PHP/Perl scripts, optimise your resource usage, and troubleshoot errors in your code.

Manage your databases

Manage your queries and access your database easily.

Run backups online and get dumps of your databases for several days, or from the previous week.

Import your database in a single command line, much faster than with phpMyAdmin. Very handy when your database is large.