"Boost" billing on Performance plans

Only pay for what you need

Need a temporary performance boost for your website? Adapt your plan to fit your needs with the Boost option. You can use it to temporarily upgrade your Performance plan to a higher level for however much time you need, and it is billed per day of usage*.

This means that you will no longer need to pay for 12 additional months on the new plan. Switching to a higher plan is temporary, and is billed per day of additional usage compared to your current plan.

You are free to temporarily select a higher Performance plan without re-subscribing, which is another advantage offered by this option. You will simply be billed for the difference on top of the plan you are currently using.

You can change your plan and switch to an annual subscription at any time.

Manage your load peaks!

How does it work?

When you migrate to a higher level Performance plan via the OVHcloud Control Panel, you can choose to pay in full for a 12-month subscription on the new plan, or select flexible billing for the Boost option. You will only be billed the next month for the amount that you use.

You will then be sent a bill detailing your usage of the Boost option for the last month. Only the days for which the option is enabled are taken into account in the bill.

The price per level you upgrade is A$ 0.99 (ex. GST). For example, if you are using a Performance 1 plan and switch to Performance 2 for 10 days, your Boost billing will be 10x A$ 0.99 (ex. GST), i.e. A$ 9.9 (ex. GST). If you switch to the Performance 3 plan for two days within the same month (two levels above Performance 1), your usage will be A$ 1.98 (ex. GST) extra.

Using the OVHcloud Control Panel, you can upgrade or downgrade the Performance plan you are using.

Boost your website in...5 minutes!

Get ready for sales and festive periods

Does your e-commerce website often hold seasonal sales? Do your marketing strategies attract high volumes of traffic during certain events (e.g. Black Friday, Boxing Day sales, etc.)?

If your business does not always require the resources offered by a Performance 4 web hosting plan, you can enable the Boost option to get temporary access to the resources of a higher level plan. This way, you can handle traffic spikes.

You can enable this option for Performance web hosting plans via the OVHcloud Control Panel. You can then pay per day of usage, rather than subscribing for 12 months. This gives you the flexibility to scale your infrastructure to fit your traffic spikes.

And whenever you switch to a different web hosting plan, enable or disable the Boost option, your website will not be impacted.

*Payment per day available from 01st November 2019.

NB : You can automatically change your web hosting plan, while keeping your data intact and without any service downtime.