Additional IPs

Optimise your global SEO for just A$ 3 (ex. GST) per IP address


13 geolocations available in Europe

No annual subscription

Better isolation for your customers' websites

Maximize your reach

Our VPS are available in all our datacentres: Gravelines (Northern France), Strasbourg (Eastern France) or Beauharnois (Eastern Canada), Wroclaw (Poland), Sydney (Australia) as well as Singapore, Germany, the United Kingdom, and soon Spain and Italy. Choose your location when you order, at no extra cost.

If your website is going to be viewed by a customer base in one of these countries it might be a good idea to geolocate the IP address. In reality internet users are much more willing to visit a website if they consider it to be close by.

Natural associations can then be made as part of international sales strategies within the same linguistic community and neighboring countries: e.g. a Belgian IP address for a VPS hosted in France, a French IP address for a VPS hosted in Germany, etc.

Optimise the management of your websites

Add up to 16 geolocated IP addresses in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, Poland, Portugal, Ireland, the Czech Rep., the Netherlands, Finland, Lithuania and Belgium. Each IP comes with a setup fee of A$ 3.00 (ex. GST) . You can attach IPs from several countries to a single VPS, whatever the model.

One of the main criteria Google takes into account when ranking every website is load speed, but server location and IP geolocation also play an important role in boosting rankings in search engines, which give priority to local results.

Protecting your websites (or those of your customers) against spam is an additional way of pushing your website up the search engine rankings. Isolate these websites with a geolocated IP and give their reputation a boost.