Load Balancing IP

Multi-service and inter-datacentre
load balancer

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Manage your infrastructure's performance

Optimum control of your business

The OVH Load Balancing service lets your manage the traffic on your servers. Does your website traffic spike in during festive periods or as a result of an event? At any time in the OVH API, you can declare an IP to handle a portion of your traffic, and equally remove a service from your resource pool in just a few minutes.

Hybrid and multi-datacentre infrastructures*

You can distribute your traffic across dedicated servers, your VPSs or even Dedicated Cloud VMs. You therefore have a huge choice of technical solutions to build your infrastructure with. You can also configure the Load Balancing IP across several datacentres and use Anycast to optimise the performance of your website for your visitors.

Anycast: the trans-datacentre solution

You can get Anycast with the OVH Load Balancing IP. This feature helps you to improve the user experience for users of your application, regardless of their location. Simply declare which services you've got in the OVH datacentres and the traffic will be redirected to the nearest infrastructure. If you have dedicated servers in France and North America* for example, your customers will be directed to the nearest servers in your network.
*Coming soon to BHS (Canada)