Infrastructure as Code

Deployment templates automated by an orchestration tool

Speed and agility for your infrastructures


With cloud platform APIs and orchestration tools, you can build complex infrastructures by using code to manipulate the resources. They offer great advantages in terms of automation and industrialisation, and with this approach you can combine best practices for development with the agility of the cloud. This practice is called Infrastructure as Code.

OVH offers a catalogue of declarative templates describing infrastructures that would take several days to deploy manually. Using these declarative templates, the infrastructures only take minutes to deploy.

Directly available via the OVH Control Panel


By following our guides, in just a few steps you can deploy step-by-step multi-node infrastructures via the OVH Control Panel.

You also have full control as you can adjust any settings you want, but still benefit from all the advantages of automation and quick delivery.


Kubernetes Stack

Deploying a ready-to-use Kubernetes cluster across several nodes.

OVH Analytics Data Platform

A data management platform deployment based on Hadoop and Hortonworks.


Terraform is one of the most popular multi-cloud orchestration tools on the market. You can use it to manage large-scale infrastructures, and view the statuses of the resources currently deployed. It is also modular, and has a wide community of contributors, making it a robust and efficient orchestration tool.

OVH is working with Terraform to produce a lot of Infrastructure as Code templates, and some of them are open-source. You can contribute, if you like!

Get started now



Via a Public Cloud project, select the Infrastructure as Code tool you want.



Edit the declaration files that require your attention, and change any settings you want to change.



Launch your deployment, and monitor its progress in real time.