Use cases

Private Cloud is a solution specially adapted for critical, industrialised and secure business activities.

Free yourself from infrastructure administration, OVH takes care of hardware virtualisation and makes sure that it runs.

Available in and datacenters. Register your interest for Sydney and Singapore .

A foolproof Cloud solution

Peak loads
New projects
VMware licences included
VPS park optimisation
Server park optimisation
100% dedicated hardware
International certifications
VMware as a Service
Access to vSphere
Create unlimited VMs
Manage access rights
Disaster Recovery Plan
One or many datacentres
Additional resources in 30 minutes
Zerto as a Service (coming soon)

Project examples

High availability, redundancy, peak-load, resale, discover our examples of Private Cloud infrastructure

The power of dedicated hardware with the flexibility of cloud computing

The OVH Private Cloud is a unique solution combining 100% dedicated hardware with the scalability and flexibility of the Cloud. Your infrastructure is virtualised using VMware technology and your hardware is fully managed by OVH.
Simply create unlimited VMs from the vSphere interface!


Software-Defined Datacentre

Your private datacentre in the cloud

Discover the power of SDDC, and build your cloud infrastructure projects in a fully isolated and secure environment. Get all the advantages of on-premises hosting, to upgrade your information systems in a scalable and efficient way.

SDDC Discovery packs

What does an SDDC pack contain?

Our SDDC packs contain two hosts, equipped with Intel processors, and two datastores for your storage disks. They will be entirely dedicated to you, and benefit from a high level of security. Go straight from on-premises to the Private Cloud, hosted by OVH!

Compatible with vSphere 6.5

SDDC 16 is a perfect starter pack, providing high performance at a low price.


A$ 826.10
 (ex. GST)/month
Compatible with vSphere 6.5

Need more power? Opt for the SDDC 64 series, with additional cores and processors.


A$ 1 884.60
 (ex. GST)/month
Compatible with vSphere 6.5

The SDDC high-performance storage solution is designed for the most resource-intensive applications

vSAN is a software-defined storage solution that provides your applications with an unparalleled level of performance, thanks to its full flash NVMe architecture.
Manage your storage directly from the vCenter, and define your own policies to guarantee performance, scalability, and high availability in just a few clicks.

Explore the vSAN solution