OVHcloud's Startup Program opens up to scaleups for its 2020 edition

Sydney, Australia | The 28-09-2020

OVHcloud's Startup Program opens up to scaleups for its 2020 edition

Launched in 2015, OVHcloud's Startup Program has already supported more than 1,800 young companies around the world (as and PacificES) through an investment of more than $10 million in infrastructure credits and development support. To mark the start of the new academic year, OVHcloud is reaffirming its commitment to supporting young companies that put the Cloud at the heart of their business model.

"We believe that startups are a bridge to the future. They embody innovation and, because digital technology is increasingly pervasive in society, will be the majority source of jobs. The mission of OVHcloud's Startup program is to support this innovation and contribute to economic dynamism by helping young and daring companies to develop in an ecosystem of trust", explains Michel Paulin, CEO of OVHcloud.

Dedicated support for startups and scaleups

In order to support startups and scaleups putting the cloud at the heart of their business model in their development, OVHcloud has designed a 12-month program adapted and proportionate to the needs of each:

  • A grant of  up to €10,000 (up to around $16,000 AUD) to be used on OVHcloud products for startups and up to €100,000 (up to around $165,000) for scaleups.
  • Personalised support from 6 hours for startups and up to 20 hours for scaleups.
  • A dedicated community space to exploit the potential of the OVHcloud ecosystem.
  • Access to the Open Trusted Cloud program; from the 1st day for scaleups and at the end of the 12-month program for startups
  • Opportunities to get known through joint communications with OVHcloud, booths at international trade shows, speaking opportunities during OVHcloud events, workshops and conferences dedicated to startups (online and offline) as well as joint use cases published on the OVHcloud website.
  • Startups with the fastest developments can of course upgrade to the level of support dedicated to scaleups during the program. 

"Today, nearly 90% of startups disappear in less than 3 years. Meeting a need and having a strong growth potential are not enough to ensure their sustainability; it is necessary to have reached a certain level of maturity, to have a solid infrastructure and to know how to surround oneself with trusted partners in order to develop fully. Our objective is to support each startup at its own pace and according to its needs, so that as many of them as possible can take off and why not become the next unicorn," says Malgorzata Ratajska-Grandin, Director of OVHcloud's Startup Program, who hopes to be able to support up to 500 startups over the next 12 months. To this end, the Startup Program teams are expanding on a global scale: they have recently been strengthened internationally with experts dedicated to supporting start-ups and will soon be present in the United States.

A first springboard to success

Behind this program, the objective is obviously to see the startup or scaleup develop according to the choices of its own teams. This is why the OVHcloud Startup Program follows the same rules as the rest of the company and applies its conception of a SMART cloud (Simple to use, Multi-local, Accessible, Reversible and Transparent). OVHcloud's open technology is made available to companies participating in the program to accelerate their business and growth with no strings attached.

OVHcloud does not take a share of the startup's capital, nor does it oblige the startup to use its infrastructure at the end of the 12 months of the support program. OVHcloud acts first and foremost as a facilitator, putting startups in contact with what they need most (IP and financing experts, incubators, venture capital firms, etc.) and providing the infrastructure on which their business model is based. This non-binding model guarantees each startup the reversibility, interoperability and control of its data.

At the end of the program, the organisations participating in the program will be able to continue using OVHcloud infrastructures or not, but also to integrate the Open Trusted Cloud program, its trusted ecosystem of SaaS and PaaS services.

To find out more about the OVHcloud Startup Program and join it:     

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