WORLD EXCLUSIVE: offers IBM’s POWER8 on RunAbove, the public cloud instance up to 100 times faster

Montreal, October 7, 2014

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: offers IBM’s POWER8 on RunAbove, the public cloud instance up to 100 times faster, Europe’s web hosting leader and 3rd ranked worldwide*, launches the first cloud computing offer, billed by the hour, based on IBM's POWER8 processor. The new generation of processors from IBM will be offered on RunAbove, the OVH brand that specializes in public cloud instances. In applying POWER8 with the best Open Source virtualization (OpenStack), offers its users unprecedented performance, ideal for high-performance computing and big data. This is a new lever of innovation without measure for developers and engineers.

The ability to quickly process vast amounts of data such as performing complex calculations becomes a major issue in the creation of new values and the competitiveness of enterprises of all sizes, from startups to large corporations.

In response, launches "RunAbove POWER8 Instances". These are on demand, public cloud instances with billing by the hour at affordable rates.

"The ultra-powerful architectures based on POWER8 are widely used by larger companies", explains Maxime Hurtrel, product manager. "With ‘RunAbove POWER8 Instances’, we can offer our users very high performance instances. Just like our offers on the x86 architecture, resources are fully guaranteed while our competitors often practice a best effort policy."

The power of IBM’s POWER8 is accessible
The first POWER8 benchmarks based on real case uses, showed performance of 50 to 100 times superior in the execution of analytical queries compared to standard processors (x86). It permits execution of up to 176 simultaneous threads (compared to about 25 on classical architecture).

Depending on needs, has developed two distinct offers, technology / particularly attractive price.

The offer "POWER8 2XL" with only one instance per physical host, will enjoy the full power of the new IBM architecture. Ideal to put into production for projects that particularly consume high amounts of resources: HPC to R&D for tech industries, analyzing data in record time.

Version "POWER8 S" is it based on "shared instances" that is to say multiple instances running on a host equipped with POWER8. It will allow developers to discover and try the POWER8 architecture and to adapt their applications to this technology of the future.

New potentials to explore
"We are thrilled that has chosen IBM's latest technology. In the future, the IT industry will have the need for powerful technological infrastructures to analyze data and improve efficiency and collaboration. The exceptional capabilities of the new IBM POWER8 platform will help accelerate the emergence of innovative applications," said Alain Benichou, IBM France President.

"Many players in Open Source already manifest and their interest in this architecture is immediately exploitable and promising. RunAbove provides a test platform for the Debian community, which is currently studying how to adapt the distribution to get the most out of POWER8," reveals Maxime Hurtel. "RunAbove already attracts a whole community of developers who believe, this new feature implemented in record time should accentuate this trend", continues Max.

POWER8 available now in the RunAbove"labs"
To immediately test RunAbove offers, based on POWER8 Compute, users are invited to visit

“This new exclusive offer strengthens the collaboration between IBM and, complementing the RunAbove catalog. Today we offer Compute (which includes POWER8, and soon VM sandboxes) storage solutions (object storage) and other projects are in the pipeline," details Maxime Hurtrel, “Besides the variety of services offered, total compatibility with OpenStack and the provision of Nova and Swift API’s, also adding to the success of RunAbove Compute instances with network connectivity (up to 10 Gbps per instance) and included DDoS protection."

*Source: Netcraft (Jan. 14)

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