50,000 North-American customers put their trust in OVH.com, 10,000 additional servers will soon be available

Montreal, 25 August 2014

50,000 North-American customers put their trust in OVH.com, 10,000 additional servers will soon be available

Montreal, 25 August 2014 - With the upcoming opening of a new hosting space inside its North-American datacenter, OVH.com confirms its ambition and optimizes its manufacturing process. Because of its worldwide independent network, more and more services are provided (dedicated servers, dedicated cloud, VPS, hybrid solutions) in record time (120 seconds for a dedicated server).

A look back on an ambitious journey

OVH.com’s North American adventure begins in 2012, when the BHS datacenter is built South of Montreal. Inaugurated in January 2013 with a total capacity of 360,000 servers, it is deemed to become, once completed, the largest datacenter in the world.

Within 6 months, the OVH.com teams build 2 hosting towers of 10,000 servers each. Meanwhile, the company raises $181 million to speed up its North American and European development. The proportion of this operation was never before seen in the new technologies industry in Europe and it reflected the enduring quality and the ambition of an enterprise ready to be one of the big players on the world stage.

OVH.com is now the leader in Europe* and the 3rd hosting provider for over 50,000 customers in North America, who have access to a growing number of products and services. Amongst the latest ones, the vRack and the weekly server rental service are exclusive to OVH.com.

In order to get to the top of the podium, OVH.com keeps expanding and innovating, as they offer effective and safe solutions at the best price. As the company is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, it can look back and say that this strategy has been successful so far. This year also marks a turning point, as three new brands have joined the OVH.com galaxy in North America: SoYouStart (a line of dedicated servers perfect for a first project), RunAbove (the public cloud according to OVH.com) and Kimsufi (a line of ultra-competitive servers).

BHS 3.0

The next step of a new era: OVH.com goes ahead with the third operational phase of BHS with the upcoming installation of a new container with a 10,000 servers capacity. Designed in Poland by the OVH.com local experts, it was brought to Canada by ship.

The container was less expensive to develop than the first two towers and its energy efficiency is also better. Directly powered through the existing electrical structures for Tower no. 2, it will function on lower voltage (415 volts instead of 480 volts), so many transformers can be left out of the design, which minimizes risks of power outages and lowers energy costs.

Le modèle OVH.com

This expansion perfectly fits the OVH industrialization model, based on the control of every aspect of the manufacturing process. This new container, as well as each bay and server, are all built and assembled on the BHS assembly lines. The components therefore are constantly studied and optimized.

OVH is hands-on in every aspect, from the designing of its infrastructures to the maintenance of its services. This model of the hosting assembly line has been essential to the growth of OVH.com in North America, as it means significant lowering of production costs, leading to constantly more competitive prices.

The driving force of this development is the optic fiber network made in OVH.com, which provides unprecedented capacity (3 Tbps), worldwide coverage (33 network access points) and maximum security (TIER 4 certification).

This unique model and architecture allow OVH.com to produce and deliver a large range of personalized services (VPS, dedicated servers, dedicated cloud, public cloud, hybrid hosting) in record time: 120 seconds for a dedicated server, from the online order to the delivery.

Finally, embedded in OVH.com’s DNA is the ecological aspect. Unlike some of his competitors who see being green as a trend that may lead to higher prices, OVH.com has always seen it as a lever of competitiveness. The company has a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.1, which is half of its nearest competitors, thanks to it unique servers cooling system and the nearly complete suppression of air conditioning.

For more info : http://www.ovh.com/us/


OVH.com is the third worldwide Internet hosting provider, and leader in Europe*. Founded in 1999 by Octave Klaba, the company experienced exponential growth, with now over 170,000 dedicated servers in its 15 data centers. OVH.com owes its success to a business model based on innovation and total control of the hosting supply chain, in- house server production, infrastructure maintenance and client support. For each of its services and solutions, OVH.com offer the best value and provide real guarantees to customers. Located in 16 countries, on 3 continents, OVH.com is today the world’s reference for customers seeking the best of the Internet.

*Source : Netcraft, January 2014

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