OHV.com “2013 Reloaded” Dedicated Servers Are Now Hybrid Cloud Ready

Montreal, July 9, 2013

OHV.com “2013 Reloaded” Dedicated Servers Are Now Hybrid Cloud Ready

OVH.com reinvents dedicated servers with “2013 Reloaded”, designed specifically for hybrid Cloud infrastructures. More than simply a hardware update, the new OVH.com custom-made servers are ideally suited to built and manage the latest hybrid Cloud architectures, virtual and physical.

OVH.com, the leading Internet Hosting Provider, with the world’s largest data center located in North America, has unveiled its next generation of custom-made dedicated servers dubbed “2013 Reloaded” and designed specifically for hybrid Cloud infrastructures.

The new servers are perfect to boost the performance of already deployed solutions – like Big Data, databases, critical applications – integrating the last generation of RAID cards, with 6Gbps of bandwidth (unbreakable) and 3 options of access acceleration: the CacheVault technology (with ultra-fast Flash memory), FastPath (improving I/O performances using SSD drives) and CacheCade which combines SSD and SATA/SAS drives for frequent access (SSD) and primary storage (SATA/SAS). A hybrid configuration that enables to reach the best I/O performances in the market, without the heavy cost of a 100% SSD solution.
With the “2013 Reloaded” dedicated servers, OVH.com has paid close attention to the amount of memory available within each system, as it is an essential ingredient for ensuring the high performance of critical applications. With 64 to 512 GB, the “2013 Reloaded” server family include a record level of memory, which makes it perfect for consolidation and large-scale virtualization solutions.

Hosting infrastructures have significantly evolved over the last couple years in response to users’ needs, especially for dedicated environments. According to Gartner, 75% of companies are now planning to invest in dedicated environments capabilities. Despite the wide availability of Public Cloud solutions, outsourced and dedicated infrastructures are still at the core of IT strategies, opting for full hybrid infrastructures that are dedicated, virtualized, physical and in the Cloud.
Although the Public Cloud brings flexibility to IT, dedicated servers guarantee the full availability of resources (no sharing), ultra-fast hard drives and huge amounts of RAM available, all of these for an affordable price.
For more information about OVH.com’s “2013 Reloaded” next-generation server family, please click on the following link: http://www.ovh.com/us/dedicated-servers/

About OVH.com

OVH.com is the #1 Internet hosting provider in Europe. Founded in 1999 by Octave Klaba, the company experienced exponential growth, with now over 150,000 dedicated servers in 11 data centers. OVH owes its success to a growth model based on innovation and total control of the hosting supply chain, in-house server production, infrastructure maintenance and client support. For each of its service and solution, OVH.com is able to offer the best value and provide real guarantees to customers. Located in 16 countries, on 3 continents, OVH.com is today the world’s reference for customers seeking the best of the Internet.

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