€The First Dedicated VMware Cloud Hosting in North America

Montreal, Canada – April 23, 2013

€The First Dedicated VMware Cloud Hosting in North America

OVH.com Dedicated Cloud Infrastructure can be provisioned and deployed in just a few minutes, over the Internet. This IaaS solution uses VMware software, the world leader in Cloud Computing technologies, allowing customers to outsource their private datacenter, to cut costs and accelerate time to market.

OVH.com, the leading Web hosting company with the world’s largest data center, is launching today, Dedicated Cloud, a complete ready-to-use datacenter solution.

Dedicated Cloud allows any enterprise to build its own Cloud infrastructure, in record time, never seen before. In just a few clicks, a customer can build a datacenter and deploy its virtual machines. All the different elements are then preconfigured and integrated into the management console, vSphere or vCloud from VMware, with a totally transparent pricing structure.

As its name implies, Dedicated Cloud is a solution with all the resources (servers, software, storage, network) being 100% dedicated for each customer. And because OVH.com infrastructure is totally redundant, we can guaranty the maximum service availability of this IaaS platform and a network SLA of 100%.

In choosing Dedicated Cloud, enterprises can avoid wasting time and money to build their own physical infrastructure, deploying new equipments or managing to meet peak demands. And for customers that have an existing VMware solution, they can easily migrate it to Dedicated Cloud, as both platforms are 100% compatible.

Last February, at VMware’s Partner Exchange (PEX) in Las Vegas, OVH.com was the recipient of 2 prestigious awards, the « VMware Service Provider Program Partner 2013 (EMEA) » and the highly coveted « VMware Global Service Provider of the Year » trophy.

With Dedicated Cloud, enterprises can build their own custom infrastructure. Each datacenter can manage up to 256 physical servers, for a total of 16,384 GB of RAM, 12,288 GHz of CPUs, 4,096 cores, 10,000 virtual machines, as well as 40 Gbps of bandwidth. Once these resources are requested, they are available in less than 3 minutes!

An ideal flexibility, that helps adapt to peak demand periods. For example, online retailers can respond “on the fly” to a traffic peak led by consumers flocking to their website. Later, when the traffic goes down, enterprises can eliminate these extra resources at any time, and adapt their expenses to real business usage.

« With Dedicated Cloud, IT administrators no longer have to worry about hardware issues, allowing enterprise to focus on bringing value to their core business and their customers, » explains Octave Klaba, CEO of OVH.com.

For the past 2 months, around 30 customers were selected to participate in the beta test of Dedicated Cloud. Over 60 physical hosted servers have been used for free, for a total of 1,920 GB of RAM and 1,920 GHz of CPUs. “The feedback has been very positive,” said Jean-Sébastien Bruneau, responsible for the project. “Actually, several customers liked it so much that they migrated their production Cloud to our infrastructure, even before the end of the beta period!”

Dedicated Cloud is available in 3 starter kits, from $527 per month, which includes 2 physical servers and 2 datastores. Alternatively, customers can choose to build their own custom infrastructure during the ordering process.

About OVH.com

OVH.com is the #1 Internet hosting provider in Europe. Founded in 1999 by Octave Klaba (founder and CEO), the company experienced exponential growth, with now over 150,000 dedicated servers in 11 data centers. OVH owes its success to a growth model based on innovation and total control of the hosting supply chain, in-house server production, infrastructure maintenance and client support. For every of its service and solution, OVH.com is able to offer the best value and provide real guarantees to customers. Located in 16 countries, on 3 continents, OVH.com is today the world’s reference for customers seeking the best of the Internet.

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