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Report written by Christophe Brunet

“Service quality is matchless.”

Frédéric Houle is the owner of SkyInstance, a Canadian web hosting company that boasts more than 600 customers. He left his former hosting provider after renting his beta server in the new BHS data center, south of Montreal. Testimonial of a satisfied customer.

How did you come to know about OVH?

Frédéric Houle : It was about two years ago. One of my customers constantly praised the servers he had with you guys. So as soon as I heard OVH was building a data center in Québec, I wanted to join the beta test, and I did. Although it went very well, what I needed at that point was an EG model, but they still weren't available in North America! So I spoke to Octave Klaba on Twitter, and was referred to Mathieu, a customer support agent in Montreal. He took care of my request and I had the privilege of being the very first EG customer: my server was identified as number “0”!

What was the decisive factor in convincing you about choosing OVH?

Service quality here has nothing to do with that of my last hosting provider. Everything is simpler, too. Where I used to be, waiting three days for a response was not unusual, and I paid almost four times what I do now. With OVH, even on a Saturday night, I'll get an answer -and a solution- within minutes.

How is service quality better?

The network connection is much more stable while brownouts and power failures are things of the past. My former hosting provider was supposed to have emergency generators, but still had seven electrical issues in the span of three years. Now, my worries are over: with the electrical dam next to your data center, power failure isn't even conceivable.

Was having your data located in Canada essential?

It was. I needed a North American server to ensure my customers would have the lowest possible latency. I used to own a few machines in the US, but I was deterred by the Patriot Act. Now, my Canadian EG server is sheltered, legally speaking, and New-York is hardly 8 milliseconds away.