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Report written by Christophe Brunet

OVH Receives VMware Award During VMworld in Copenhagen

OVH Receives VMware Award During VMworld in Copenhagen.

The major players of Cloud Computing met in Copenhagen during VMworld, a world-class event that was held from October 17th to October 20th 2011. It was there that OVH was awarded the vCloud Service Provider trophy, for outstanding loud solutions and remarkable efforts in terms of innovation.

Before the beginning of the show, VMware met with its closest EMEA (European, Middle-Eastern and African) zone partners, taking this opportunity to reward those companies it thinks are most deserving.

Left to right : Benoît Lavergne, Hélène Caraux (OVH) and Hervé Basso, VMware European sales director.

OVH was the first to receive a prize. The vCloud Service Provider trophy was handed by VMware's vice president for commercial operations Carl Eschenbach to Cloud Computing product manager Hélène Caraux. "This is a turning point for our company", Ms. Caraux says. "This is solid proof that
OVH is internationally recognized in the world of virtualization and Cloud Computing." During the ceremony, VMware leaders were quick to point out OVH's tremendous growth as well as its ability to positively emphasize its virtualization products. One of the many features that make OVH different is its price transparency policy. Prices are all clearly shown on the company's website, Furthermore, all resources OVH offers are dedicated and private, and are strengthened by guarantees on availability and bandwidth.
A few pictures of the show

Quelques photos du salon