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Report written by Christophe Brunet

VMworld: OVH's Cloud Twice Rewarded

VMworld: OVH's Cloud Twice Rewarded.

The European edition of VMworld, a major event in the world of virtualization, was held in Barcelona from October 9th to October 11th 2012. It is in the heart of the Catalan capital that over 8000 visitors came to hear about the latest innovations in the world of virtualization.

Monday the 8th: an Award on the Day Before the Opening

Before the start of the show, its founder and organizer, VMware, wanted to meet its most important partners. The world leader in virtualization software took the opportunity to honor the most innovative companies among them. OVH, having won the "vCloud Service
Provider of the Year" trophy for the second straight year, boasted an enviable place. The trophy was awarded to OVH's Cloud Computing product manager Hélène Caraux, by VMware's vice president and EMEA* managing director Maurizio Carli, and vice president of VMware EMEA partnerships Andy Hunt. "This is the fourth trophy OVH has received from VMware in the last year" says Hélène Caraux, rejoicing. "This means that we have become a reference in the world of virtualization. And we held all the cards to achieve this position, too. We are highly skilled as a hosting provider, and perfectly able to offer quality Cloud services."

Tuesday the 9th: Keynote and vCloud Datacenter Certification

The keynote opening was hosted by VMware's new CEO, Pat Gelsinger, and his technology manager, Steve Herrod. Most topics had already been discussed in San Francisco last august, during the American edition of VMworld. Leaders from different companies expressed their views about the virtualization of datacenters, a subject that, through the existence of the Private Cloud and the ever-evolving vCloud services, is already very real at OVH.
More interestingly, the question of VMware's openness policy was brought to the table. One of its many characteristics is that it supports other hypervisors on the market, such as Xen or Hyper-V. Pat Gelsinger and Steve Herrod also presented a new solution in workstation management: VMware's "Mirage" technology. It's all about having the users's data being transfered from their station to the Cloud in a completely transparent fashion. Switching to a virtual desktop has never been so easy. Last news of the day, but not least, OVH joins the prestigious club of companies labeled "vCloud Datacenter Service Provider". "This certification is the result of almost a year of hard work", Hélène Caraux explains. "This warrants that OVH's Cloud follows VMware's most exacting security standards. Most of all, it is proof that OVH's Cloud is interoperable, which means that notwithstanding the current internal Cloud infrastructure that a client would have, they would be able to migrate their VMs to OVH's Cloud and be sure they would operate with the best performances."

Wednesday the 10th – The OVH Stand Fills it Up

The show lasted for three days, and OVH's booth was always full, especially on wednesday. While most visitors were first attracted by the huge "Roubaix 4" datacenter model, they then asked about OVH's Cloud services. "Most of them were very interested in the many advantages to gain from the outsourcing of their systems", Hélène Caraux reports. "OVH members from our Italian, British, Spanish and German subsidiaries had come over to lend a strong hand. Many visitors appreciated such a multilingual team."

François Loiseau, System Administrator at OVH.

Thursday the 11th: Two "Made in OVH" Presentations

OVH systems administrator François Loiseau gave two presentations during the show. He first started with the explanation of OVH's philosophy and point of view concerning its Cloud, or rather how a physical infrastructure specialist has become a Cloud computing
leader. The second was a more technical speech, as he explained how to manage and automatize a VMware infrastructure through the use of APIs. "It was my first attendance at VMworld" François Loiseau says. "I have decided to come this year after people I have known at VMware insisted that I be there. The event is simply huge. Between demonstrations and discussions with other professionals of the business, I could hardly catch my breath. OVH's approach and its integration of the VMware technology surprised many a visitor! Participants were interested in my presentations, during which there was a constant flow of questions. We all learned very much through these edifying conversations."

*European, Middle-Eastern and African Zones.