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Report written by David-Oliver Gascon

The OVH World Tour Montreal: Mission Accomplished

MONTREAL – With great attendance, the OVH World Tour made its first stop outside Europe, at the Palais des Congrès, one of Montreal’s preferred venues for business meetings.

Jérôme Arnaud, VP of Operations, North America co-hosted the conference

An event thought for IT professionals

The goal of the World Tour in Montreal was to provide the perfect setting to allow an audience made of 45% OVH clients and 65% potential clients networking with our experts so they could share their experiences, said Jérôme Arnaud, VP of Operations, North America. With an 86% satisfaction rate gathered in the feedback survey sent to clients after the event, OVH can claim mission accomplished. Following its openness policy, OVH welcomed Montreal companies to show them how their activities are supported by OVH’s infrastructures. During the keynote address, Marc-André Champagne, Sysadmin at Frank&Oak, and André Denis, Integrim’s General Manager, were invited to join Jérôme on the stage to talk about their experiences.

A day full of discoveries

For IT professionals and companies, the morning keynote session was the right opportunity to find out what makes OVH different and its added value.

Participants had the opportunity to learn about BHS, OVH’s data center located south of Montreal, which is also the world’s largest data center with a capacity to host 360,000 servers, as well as to discover OVH’s roadmap and official partners: Intel, Microsoft, and VMware.

During the afternoon, OVH’s experts gave technical workshops, including “How to choose the right Cloud” and “How to use OVH’s API.“ These sessions allowed participants to learn more about OVH’s products and latest innovations.

During his workshop on the vRack, a solution that enables the isolation of critical servers inside a VLAN, Vincent Cassé, developer at OVH’s headquarters in France, answered many questions asked by the participants.

“The vRack generated great interest; it was one of the featured products of the day”, added Jérôme.

Germain Masse during a one-on-one session

One-on-one workshops

During the event, OVH offered successful one-on-one workshops that allowed participants to ask specific questions concerning problems they have encountered in their professional activities.

Some of the participants shared that thanks to the event, they saved “precious time”. Others regretted not having enough time to participate.

"For IT professionals, having one-on-one workshops with the people who develop and use these products on a daily basis added great value to the event. During the meetings, clients discovered solutions completely different to those they had already considered, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise, explains Germain Masse, OVH’s COO."

"For this reason we go out and meet our clients throughout the world. This allows us to optimize our products and services, as well as to enhance our ready-to-use infrastructures according to our clients’ needs, adds Germain."

"One conclusion we could draw from the event is the increasing necessity to externalize IT infrastructures. This applies to DRPs (Disaster Recovery Plans), as well as to main infrastructures", explains Germain.

Next stop: New York, in September!