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Report written by Christophe Brunet’s dedicated Cloud surprises North America now offers its on-demand virtual datacenters at the BHS datacenter (Canada). It is a single-tenant offer, never seen on a market that has been dominated by shared Cloud solutions. Here is an analysis with Jean-Sébastien Bruneau, project manager.

Is the Dedicated Cloud idea that unique in North America?

Jean-Sébastien Bruneau : In this market, hosting providers essentially offer shared Cloud. Concretely, many users share the infrastructure holding the virtual machines. With Dedicated Cloud, we offer a VMware environment, where each physical element is fully dedicated to its user. This user manages its own infrastructure, which can be modified at any time, with the delivery of new resources in less than three minutes. Only a few important competitors present a similar basic solution… but customers have to pay the price! For the same level of functionality, we are about three times less expensive. In fact, most of these hosting providers do not dare to put their prices on their website: people who are interested have to call for more details. With Dedicated Cloud, we have the opportunity to make a dedicated infrastructure available to all. Our competitive prices can make some skeptical.

How do you reassure them?

We explain to them the method, which allows us to offer competitive prices, without compromising quality. The company controls every aspect of the hosting chain, from the manufacturing of its own servers, to the construction and operation of its datacenters. It also greatly invests in research and development, constantly optimizes its processes, automates the delivery of services (dedicated servers available within an hour), and develops exclusive cooling technologies… All of these innovations reduce costs, which lead to savings for our customers!

The beta phase of Dedicated Cloud ended in April. What feedback have you had?

We arrived full force in North America, with an offer and a support that are perfectly ready (Dedicated Cloud has been available in Europe since 2011). The feedback is therefore very positive. The testers were surprised to see how easily they could build their own infrastructure. In less than half an hour, they created a functioning and flexible datacenter, able to work during each of their peaks in activity. Many clients enjoyed their experience so much that they transferred their production towards our installations before the end of the beta!

Other than the dedicated aspect, what attracted the testers the most?

The partnership between and VMware was appreciated because the latter’s reputation is settled in North America. It is a solid partnership between our two enterprises, to the point that VMware awarded with the “VMware Global Service Provider of the Year” trophy in February 2013. Another positive aspect: the localization of data in Canada, in our own datacenter. The users like to know precisely where their information is stocked. This issue is even essential for some Canadians, namely because of American legislation.

Europeans are often hesitant when it comes to switching to Cloud. Have you met the same reluctance in North America?

The Cloud is well established in the North-American industry. It is about two years ahead Europe, in terms of mentality and needs in functionality. In fact, in the United States and Canada, professionals see the Cloud as a solution to many problems, as well as a necessity to stay competitive. These companies also put a lot of trust on certifications. If we tell them that the Dedicated Cloud is certified ISO 27001 in Europe and will soon be attested SOC 1/2/3 in Canada, there is no reluctance. They know that the hosting provider has good practices when it comes to security and that their data is safe.

The beta phase in numbers

More than 60 host servers were given to about thirty participants, for a total of 1,920 GB of RAM and 1,920 GHz of CPU. This panel of testers was formed of Canadians (50%), Americans (40%) and Latin Americans (10%).