The 14-09-2018

Increasing service quality without slowing down innovation: the challenge faced by CSDO

I joined OVH in spring 2017, as Chief Service Delivery Officer (CSDO). I was invited, along with the entire Run team to the company’s COMEX, to discuss the quality of the services delivered. Naturally, this subject is already a key element of the OVH strategy.In computing terms, Run refers to the action of running a routine or program. By extension, this term is used at OVH for the teams responsible...

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The 28-08-2018

OVH network capacity has hit 15 terabits per second!

OVH has deployed, operated and maintained its own fibre optic network since 2006. It connects 32 points of presence (PoP) around the world. How does this infrastructure benefit our customers? Why do we need to keep developing it continuously? And what does “network capacity” mean? Read on to find out. What exactly does “network capacity” mean?All of our 28 datacentres are connected to the internet...

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The 17-08-2018

OVH – L1 Terminal Fault (L1TF) / Foreshadow disclosure

We were recently informed by our partners at Intel of the discovery of a new vector of the "speculative execution side-channel" type, named L1TF / Foreshadow and based on the same concept as the Spectre and Meltdown flaws discovered in January and May 2018. What is L1TF ?Called "L1 Terminal Fault" (L1TF) – or "Foreshadow" – this vulnerability concerns CPUs with SMT technology (also known as “hyper-threading”...

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The 30-07-2018

From sheet metal to connected server (Part 1)

With my teams, we manage the infrastructures that support OVH. We design and deploy the datacenters, the servers and the network. Through this series of blog articles, you can join me in discovering the "heart of the matrix", and get a better understanding of how our model works. I’ll start by telling you the story of a guy from the North of France, who went to work in Silicon Valley before joining...

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The 06-07-2018

Company culture: how do we explain and cultivate it, and what mistakes should really be avoided?

It is often said that to build a large company, you need to develop a company culture first. It’s true. Company culture is the frame of mind that employees share, it’s their way of interacting with customers, it’s the reason why a company exists, and it’s the purpose behind all the actions we take. It’s a set of factors that make employees look forward to getting up every morning, inspire trust from...

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