Connected objects, Internet of Things, in Quebec

Powering the IoT | Alimenter l'IoT

The programme

5.30PM - Powering the IoT (in French)

Prof. Cheriet will elaborate on the growth of the IoT and its impact on the energy consumption. He will discuss the benefits of reducing energy consumption while achieving objectives of technology advances. Prof. Cheriet will give us examples of improved energy efficiency in the context of the IoT.

Speaker: Prof. Mohamed Cheriet

- Photovoltaic/solar technology (in English)

Wibicom develops unique photovoltaic antennas for autonomous wireless systems. In this presentation, we will explore various photovoltaic/solar technologies and their uses. Our WibiSmart product line offers novel light powered wireless systems, such as for environmental monitoring, beacons, smart city, and smart buildings, in line with the Internet of Things realm.

Speakers: Mina Danesh

- 8.30PMExperiments with energy harvesting (in French)

Practical experiments with energy harvesting to power devices in the IoT. The different technologies used for energy harvesting. How much power can be generated and what can it used to power?

Speaker: Jean-Samuel Chenard

Practical information

OVH Montréal, 1801 avenue McGill College, Suite 800 - H3A 2N4 - Montreal
 18  May
  5.30PM    8.30PM