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Odin® Virtuozzo Containers

Parallels® Virtuozzo Containers

The Odin® Virtuozzo management interface allows you to easily manage the mouse of all your dedicated server virtual machines at OVH.

What is this?

Odin® Virtuozzo Containers allows you a powerful web interface to manage your entire virtual infrastructure in a few clicks and create a clusters with multiple servers, migrate the VPS without service interruption ...
With its comprehensive features, Odin® Virtuozzo allows you to manage the host and VPS, install and remove services, manage resources and implement templates in existing VPS ...

For more information on Odin® Virtuozzo Containers: http://www.odin.com/products/virtuozzo/

Get a Odin® Virtuozzo Containers licence

For ease of use, we recommend our distribution ready to use with Odin® Virtuozzo Containers Virtuozzo.
However, you can install Odin® Virtuozzo Containers yourself on the distribution of your choice.

To purchase a Odin® Virtuozzo Containers license for your OVH dedicated server, go into your Manager.

Prices for Odin® Virtuozzo Containers 4 licences
Number of VPS (containers) Price (per month)
1$24.99AUD ex. GST
3$39.99AUD ex. GST
10$74.99AUD ex. GST
30$144.99AUD ex. GST
60$204.99AUD ex. GST
100$249.99AUD ex. GST

You can install Odin® Plesk Panels inside a Odin® Virtuozzo Containers (using the templates provided). The price of the Odin® Plesk Panels licences for a container is very competitive :

Prices for Odin® Plesk Panel licenses in Odin® Virtuozzo Containers:
10 domains$4.99AUD ex. GST/month
100 domains$4.99AUD ex. GST/month
Language Pack$4.99AUD ex. GST/month
Power Pack$4.99AUD ex. GST/month
Dr Web Antivirus $69.00AUD ex. GST/month

To order a Odin® Plesk Panels license in a container, please contact our commercial team.