NVMe drives

With up to 6 x better performance compared to classic SSD disks, NVMe drives are the new benchmark for fast storage.

For a deeper dive into NVMe technology, download the OVH/Intel® white paper

What is an NVMe disk?

Like traditional SSDs, NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) disks are based on NAND Flash memory. By sitting directly on top of the PCI Express bus, previously used by other devices like graphics cards, NVMe disks are not affected by the bottlenecks of the SATA interface.


The PCIe x8 connection delivers both increased read/write and bandwidth performance.


The consistency of IOPS is important. Unlike commonly distributed NVMe disks, those integrated on OVH servers are "Datacentre" disks. They ensure stable and consistent performance.


Intel Datacentre NVMe disks have protective mechanisms which ensure end-to-end data integrity.


The storage capacity of NVMe disks available at OVH starts at 450 GB and goes up to 1.6 TB.



Whereas a SATA III connection offers a maximum speed of up to 750 MB/s, a PCI Express lane delivers speeds of up to 985 MB/s. NVMe disks use 8 PCI Express lanes for communication, or up to 2.8 GB/s read speed (for an Intel DC P3700 disk).


PCI Express delivers a significant improvement in read/write performance, thus increasing the number of read/write operations per second (IOPS). For example, an Intel DC P3700 disk offers up to 460,000 read IOPS. Latency is around 20 us, compared to 5 ms for a traditional SSD disk.



The improvement in read/write speed decreases page load time for websites which need a lot of disk access.


Implementing a cache system on an NVMe that hosts a large database can greatly optimise access.

Big Data

Often very demanding in terms of response time (online advertising, real-time display, etc.), Big Data workloads take advantage of NVMe disks' lightning-fast response times.


For your most intensive write needs, Intel DC P3700 disks available on Premium Customisable HG/FS MAX deliver reduced computing time.

Available as an option on EG/SP/MG servers

Intel® SSD DC P3520 450 GB

Read IOPS: 145k
Write IOPS: 19k
Read speed (GB/s): 1.2
Write speed (GB/s): 0.6
available as an option
on EG/SP/MG servers

Intel® SSD DC P3520 1.2 TB

Read IOPS: 320k
Write IOPS: 26k
Read speed (GB/s): 1.7
Write speed (GB/s): 1.3
available as an option
on EG/SP/MG servers

Intel® SSD DC P3700 1.6 TB

Read IOPS: 450k
Write IOPS: 50k
Read speed (GB/s): 2.8
Write speed (GB/s): 2.0
available as an option
on Premium Customisable HG & FS-Max servers


Davy Cremer
"Our website load speed is very important to us and the performance gains produced by NVMe drives are amazing..."
Davy Cremer, Managing Director, Cognix System

Intel/OVH NVMe whitepaper

Go further and dive right into the heart of fast storage technology. From Flash storage cells to access protocols, this whitepaper details the principles, characteristics and applications of SSD and NVMe disks.