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ESXi is the famous VMware hypervisor (recently renamed as vSphere Hypervisor), which runs on bare-metal.

OVH offers you a ready-to-use operating system, that can be managed with vSphere Client and is available for Windows free of charge.

ESXi is ideal for creating projects on one or more servers. It's easy to upgrade to more advanced versions of vSphere to get centralised management tools (vCenter), migration, load balancing, high availability, backup, etc.

OVH offers 3 different versions of ESXi.
- Version 4.1 is now recognised as a highly reliable and stable solution (free up to 32 GB RAM)
- Version 5.0 brings numerous improvements (free up to 32 GB RAM)
- Version 5.5, free and no RAM limitations.

Some new features of ESXi 5.0:
- More resources on the VMs (up to 32 vCPUs and 1 TB RAM)
- VMFS-5 (supports disks of over 2 TB)
- SSD Swap Cache (integrated swap management on SSD)
- ESXi firewall (controls access to the management interface)

On vSphere 5.0:
- Sphere Storage Appliance (enables local storage on several hosts)
- vSphere Storage DRS (for enabling and automating data distribution across multiple datastores)
- vSphere Storage I/O Control (for managing NFS datastore performance)
- vSphere Network I/O Control (for managing network access for each VM)

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VMware ESXi Server 5.5


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