in North America: an XXL Network for BHS's North American network map, after the 2012 upgrade.
Antoine Guenet and Nicolas Piatto were the ones to upgrade's network in the US.

"“The network maps are designed and drawn with the idea of covering the whole territory and optimizing user (our customers' customers) latency, wherever they may be.”" network equipment in the Newark PoP
Antoine Guenet,'s network administrator for North America.

Thanks to this global upgrade, the North American network now boasts a 520Gbps capacity (for a total of 2,21Tbps worldwide). These figures illustrate's exchange capacity with other providers, and means the company can rest easy as far as connecting its first servers in BHS is concerned. The network team is already working towards the implementation of the Infinera technology in France. This in turn, will eventually be applied to the American network. This will certainly be another occasion to tell a tale about a trip in America.

(1) Transatlantic carriers: Hibernia, Global Crossing, Level 3, Tata, Reliance Global Com.
(2) North American wavelength providers: Above, Allstream, Fibre Noire, Global Crossing, Hibernia, Level3, Reliance Globalcom, Tata, TeliaSonera.