What Cloud Computing Really is About

The kiosk is ready to welcome visitors.

It is in the aptly named "Centre des nouvelles industries et technologies" (the new industries and technologies centre) in Paris - la Défense that the 2012 edition of the Cloud Computing World Expo takes place. The program for these two days is filled with lectures, round-table conferences as well as practical workshops that will expose the possibilities of Cloud Computing to professionals.
As Europe's number one hosting provider, OVH.com could not miss this event. "À la french" Cloud Computing pioneer, OVH wishes the event's thousands of visitors to discover its innovative solutions.

"Create your own datacenter, here and now"

OVH.com experts answering questions from visitors.

When they walk into OVH.com's luminous stand, participants ask countless questions. "Most people don't know about our wide range of Cloud solutions", sales manager Alain Rigaux points out. "We're glad to realize that a lot of them already know about our Dedicated Cloud, and are very interested by the migration and outsourcing of their computing resources."
Visitors then have the opportunity to skip theory and jump directly to practice by having a very real experience with the product. Several computers are available to users for a test of the Dedicated Cloud. Within a few minutes, not only can participants discover a new administration tool, but can also create their own virtual datacenter. Amazement guaranteed!

SMBs at the heart of a round-table conference

Visitors we're able to get a hands-on experience with Dedicated Cloud

On March 28th, Cloud Computing product manager Hélène Caraux was among the participants at a round-table conference concerning the benefits that SMBs can draw from Cloud Computing.
These public discussions made clear that Cloud Computing was not a resource privy only to the larger companies. "To invest in computer infrastructure and to maintain personel for its upkeep has a cost. Outsourcing these concerns lets SMBs save money, and concentrate on their true speciality. After all, their value added has nothing to do with managing servers."

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