EG Public Cloud instances are getting a new name

Starting April 13, we will change the names of our "Public Cloud EG" instances to "Public Cloud HG".

Why change the name of our instances?

When it comes to everyday usage, many of you have been requesting instances that are financially more attractive. As a result, we've created the current EG instances to fulfill the need for high performance, high frequency computing. They operate on an Intel E5-2687Wv3 - 3.1 GHz CPU. Starting Wednesday April 13, we will be changing the name of those instances from "Public Cloud EG" to "Public Cloud HG" (high end). All the technical features of those instances will remain unchanged, whether in terms of performance or price.

Over the following weeks, we will start offering a new range of EG instances. Theses instances will use Intel E5-2650v3 - 2.3 GHz CPUs.

What does this all mean for you?

The name change for the instances will be made on the website but also in our control panel and in our API.

Beware: if you use the OpenStack API, we recommend using Flavor ID instead of Flavor Name (prior to April 13, 2016), so as to avoid being affected by the instance name change. Example: the EG-120 Flavor Name will become HG-120 starting April 13, but the Flavor ID remains the same.

Our range of instances is getting a performance boost

Moreover, all our instances in the SP, HG and soon EG ranges will soon be available with local SSD storage (no raid, no HA) to offer you even more power. You will be able to choose between SSD or HA-Ceph storage while prices will not change.

We will give you an update on that last point as soon as we have more information available.