OVH goes scouting in New York City to speed up North American growth

OVH is staying the course and strengthening its presence in North America. While showing a very solid presence on all fronts during the OVH World Tour which took place in New York City on June 25, the leader in secured cloud computing has made multiple announcements and solidified its ambition to offer ever more stable and innovative infrastructures.

It’s been 3 years now since OVH has settled in North America by inaugurating a datacenter with the largest hosting capacity in the world at 360,000 servers. Today, over 100 talents have joined in the adventure and are spread across the head office located in Montreal, the Beauharnois datacenter on Montreal’s South Shore and the new R&D center. The latter opened its doors in Quebec City last April and focuses on the user experience (UX) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

With the wheels set in motion, it was only a matter of time before OVH would integrate the Big Apple - an IT central hub for the American East Coast - into its corporate strategy. NYC has also played a major role in the OVH World Tour’s second season, which will cover more than 20 cities across Europe, the United States and Canada.

Addressing the digital needs explosion

At Space 530, located in the heart of New York’s midtown, clients and IT enthusiasts alike gathered to meet OVH’s experts and learn more about the infrastructure and technology that has made this company a leader in secured cloud computing:

• A global private fiber optic network offering a bandwidth of 3,500 Gbps;
• 18 million applications hosted on more than 200,000 servers;
vRack and Dedicated Connect technologies, providing the capability to link infrastructures securely and the ability to build an authentic virtual datacenter;
Dedicated Cloud, offering the possibility to build a virtual environment where each physical element is exclusively dedicated to the user, thereby meeting the requirements of the most demanding professionals.

On stage with Mathieu McCuaig, VP S&M of OVH in North America

OVH is currently assessing the sea of business opportunities presented by the American market and is setting an ambitious and precise course, as emphasized by its CEO Laurent Allard: “The explosion of digital needs has drastically changed the industry and OVH is well aware of that.” The scope and competitiveness of its service offer (bare-metal, IaaS, SaaS) are meeting the highest standards of the industry (ISO/EIC, SOC certifications) and can be adapted to any type of customer specifications, ranging from developers and start-ups to small and medium-sized companies, application providers and large corporations. Cross-business, competitiveness and security are all key to OVH’s success in North America.

A new datacenter in the United States

From now on, the number one priority will be to speed up the pace in order to turn those growth levers into market shares. With a datacenter in Canada and 11 points of presence strategically distributed across the continent, OVH is ready for the next big thing.

A 327 million investment announced in December of 2014 to accelerate the global development of the company will be dedicated in part to this North American venture. This new chapter is only the beginning, as underscored by Laurent Allard: “New York City will be home to an OVH office before the end of this year and sometime in 2016 a new datacenter will be inaugurated in the United States”.

Laurent Allard, CEO of OVH, on stage at the French Tech Conference

On all fronts

On the eve of the OVH World Tour, Laurent Allard took the stage during the French Touch Conference which gathered 400 entrepreneurs, investors and IT innovators. The main goal of this conference was to stimulate know-how and build bridges across the Atlantic. While bringing French innovation to the forefront, this event was mainly a platform showcasing the incredible potential of the American East Coast for business opportunities in the IT sector.

It was also a great opportunity for Laurent Allard to assert OVH’s exceptional competitiveness with services that are “half the cost as Amazon’s”. This competitive edge can be traced back to a keen knowledge of all production line stages through a full vertical integration (from the construction of datacenters all the way to server design) as well as the use of proprietary technologies, the most representative being the liquid cooling of servers. Developed back in 2004, this system has enabled OVH to cut its datacenters’ energy costs in half by completely eliminating the need for air cooling.

On June 23 - and still in New York City but in a much more relaxed atmosphere this time, OVH also took part in the Hackernest meet-up, of which it is the official sponsor for the 2015 season. This movement was born in Canada but has now gone global and is a source of IT talent hailing from everywhere, bringing communities together and promoting technological emulation. This event could be a stepping stone for tomorrow’s start-ups and it is a privilege for OVH as much as its duty to witness their emergence. With that in mind, a support program aimed at the most promising ventures will soon be created.

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