3 new features are shaking up the dedicated servers market

1. Free additional IPs

A unique feature in the Internet hosting world, OVH now offers up to 256 additional IPs per machine for its dedicated servers clientele. This free service will stimulate the implementation of geo-located IPs in order to obtain search engine optimization (SEO) and to simplify migration from one machine to another with IP fail-over. Moreover, it facilitates the work of resellers, web agencies and online solutions editors.

The additional IPs are easy to access from the customer area.

OVH.com offers three new services to optimize its clients’ activity.

2. Higher guaranteed bandwidth and burst function

The guaranteed bandwidth on all OVH.com servers has now reached 500 Mbps. Moreover, the hosting provider now offers burst bandwidth, which is enabled by default, and allows the bandwidth to automatically go up to 3,000 Mbps during peak traffic. It is a big help for occasional and unexpected needs, whether it is because of an event, a TV exposure, an emailing campaign, a buzz, a distribution of a software update…

The burst bandwidth can be activated up to 36 hours per month. If a user goes beyond this limit, he still enjoys his guaranteed bandwidth of 500 Mbps and can purchase additional bandwidth.

3. Windows and panel type licenses available (Hosting line)

The servers from the Hosting line already enjoy unlimited domains Plesk Panel, cPanel and Direct Admin licenses, as well as another reference from the Virtuozzo editor. The hosting provider now offers Windows Standard and Web Edition licenses with no additional costs.

In the end, with the additional IPs, upgraded bandwidth and licenses, the Hosting servers are one of the most competitive and pertinent lines on the market for web agencies and professionals who wish to consolidate a maximum of services on a single machine.